‘We should never resort to violence, ladies and gentlemen’ – Ex-Bellator fighter Anthony Taylor on slugging Dillon Danis


Dillon Danis has turned himself into something of a walking liability in the combat sports world. Despite not competing in any form of licensed grappling or striking events in the last 3+ years he’s become notable for finding himself in the middle of scraps. Most recently, Danis showed up for a Misfits Boxing x DAZN Series weigh-in event, where he squared off with noted celebrity pugilist Olajide William Olatunji—better known as ‘KSI’.

Things got a little chippy, with Danis smacking the hat off KSI’s head before getting escorted out of the building—which is where it all really kicked off. MMA fighter and boxer Anthony Taylor was on the scene and took exception to Danis’ attitude, pursuing the longtime grappler into the parking lot.

In the midst of the ensuing brawl, Taylor landed a hard right hand on Danis that sent the 29-year-old reeling. In a recent interview for MMA Fighting Taylor explained his actions, noting that he felt Danis was trying to “bully YouTubers” and pick on reporters.

“So he comes in to do his thing with KSI, flips his hat, or smacks him in the face, throws coffee and just runs off. Like, man, don’t come to a YouTube event trying to be a bully to other fighters, especially YouTubers who have no legitimate background in fighting. They’re learning how to fight. It’s called a YouTube event, don’t come over trying to be a bully. You don’t see Jon Jones trying to bully YouTubers.

“I took that in my hands to say something. Nobody, for years, has said or done anything to Dillon, and he’s gotten away with it for so many years doing it to Logan Paul, Jake Paul, to Khabib, to all of these [people], and he got away with it. Don’t come to an event, try and be a bully, push reporters, because now I’m going to call you out. You want to fight YouTubers and boxers, fight me. I’m an MMA fighter, too. What’s up? That’s how it escalated.”

Taylor added that he feels he only hit Danis with “30%” power on his punch, but that “without that truck being there, he would’ve fell.” Still, despite his seeming pride in his work, the 33-year-old Team Bodyshop talent also sounded a note of caution. The last thing he wants is for others to follow in his footsteps.

“But, we should never resort to violence, ladies and gentlemen,” Taylor said of his actions. “Don’t resort to violence because that’s not always the way to resort to things. I could’ve sat down and had a talk with him, ‘Hey Dillon, come sit down with me. Let’s go have a talk and drink some coffee.’ But instead, I said f-ck that, I’m going to hit you with an overhand right, buddy. I had to let it be known to the world. I’ve got kids coming to me saying, ‘Thank you for your service.’ What? I’ve never served in the military. ‘No, for what you did to Dillon Danis.’”

Eventually it seems that Taylor isn’t expecting to see any charges from the altercation. While he explained that he was fully willing to face the consequences of his actions, he also admitted he’s been relieved that no repercussions have been forthcoming.

“Nobody wanted to challenge him like that besides me. I was willing to take on the consequence. It could’ve been a bad situation there. It could’ve been a very bad situation with the aftermath of me hitting him. Thank God there was no bad repercussions on that.”

On the other side of things, Danis is now actually set to face off against KSI in the ring this coming January 14th at the MF & DAZN X Series 4 event in London, England. The two men are scheduled for six three-minute rounds of exhibition boxing. No other bouts have been announced for the card at this time.

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