Watch: The Depot 180 — November 21 — Episode 370


Episode 370 — Nov. 21, 2023

Were you too busy to keep up with the last couple of days of Pittsburgh Steelers news and don’t know where to start? I’ll get you caught up on “The Depot 180.” From player news to the transaction wire, I will get you up to speed in a quick three-minute update.

The Pittsburgh Steelers broke precedence on Tuesday morning with the firing of offensive coordinator. The Steelers value stability and continuity over all, so it was a surprise to see this happen in season. The last such in-season coaching change occurred in 1941 for the Steelers. In today’s episode, I discuss the changes at OC, including the interim succession plan. I also talk about the loss to the Browns, extra pressure on Kenny Pickett, and the Steelers’ upcoming game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.

Attention: We know some users have had issues with their video skipping to another one about 30 seconds in. Roughly 25 seconds in, you will see a prompt on the screen that gives you the choice to “next” or “stay,” click the “stay” button to continue watching the current video. That will avoid being bumped to another video.

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