Warzone 2 players are turning trucks into submarines


Warzone 2, as you may have assumed, is battling all manner of bugs in its opening weeks. This is normal, but a new discovery by one player pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in the game right now. We’re talking underwater Cargo Trucks. Makeshift submarines.

This was uncovered by Reddit user Possibility47, who posted their discovery online in a short video clip. In it, we can see them race off into the water. The vehicle doesn’t break down as expected; instead, it trucks along along the sea bed. Safe from harm, and frankly tranquil.

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This bug, if replicable, opens the doors to some rancid stalling in the right hands. Cargo Trucks, only drivable in Squad playlists of the battle royale mode, are the sort of vehicle that are highly sought over. If you can just jump in with your friends and travel vast distances underwater danger-free, the possibilities are worrying.

Here’s what’s strange though. I jumped into Warzone 2 today and tried my hand at replicating the bug. No matter what I tried, I had no luck. Either the actions you have to perform are quite obscure, or it’s difficult to reproduce. Both good signs in terms of the waves this bug could make in Warzone 2. If the vast majority of players can’t do it, there’s not as much pressure for Raven Software to fix it.

It is, admittedly, quite funny to look at. Who doesn’t have a bit of fun under the sea? Obviously, not being able to take on a squad as they James Bond style drive into the water is a bit rough, but hopefully this passes quickly and we can all just look back fondly at this weird, niche issue.

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