Tyson Fury Taunts Usyk’s Manager For Accepting 30% Deal


By Charles Brun: A bitter, nasty, teeth-gnashing Tyson Fury took to social media today to dump on Oleksandr Usyk’s promoter Alex Krassyuk for him accepting the low 70-30 purse split that he offered them for the April 29th undisputed heavyweight fight at Wembley Stadium in London.

It’s a bit early for Fury to be spiking the football and claiming victory, as Usyk hasn’t signed the contract, and after seeing his celebratory, gloating post about the 30%, he might have wrecked his chances of this fight happening.

Of course, that’s the intent of Fury’s taunting message to Usyk’s manager Krassyuk. Fury doesn’t want the fight, and he’s hoping he can anger them enough to where they’ll walk away from the deal so he can avoid getting beaten by the superior talent & conditioned athlete.

“Usyk’s manager [Alex Krassyuk], you sausage. Borak wants his voice back, you f***king bum,” said Tyson Fury on social media. “You’ll get what your getting, don’t worry.

“You’re the worst manager in history. You got your fighter to accept 30%, you bum dosser.  Ha-ha-ha-ha, you’re not clever, are you? You bum! You got outwitted by a man that never went to school in his life.

“Sausage, keep talking; your boy is going to get smashed. He’s going to be belt-less, just like your other boy AJ. Come on! Rule Britania, mother f***ker,” said Fury.

As you can see from this snake-like message from Fury, he’s trying his best to squirm out of this fight like a greased pig. He knows he’s too fat to have any chance of beating Usyk, and it would likely take four to five months to burn all that fat off him to get him in reasonable enough condition to be competitive.

I’m not talking about winning. I mean, Fury would be competitive after losing all the fat, but he’ll still likely fail because the way he fights now, with the emphasis on ‘punch & grab,’ won’t work against Usyk. He’s seen sorry fighters try that method against him, and it’s too easy for him to defeat it.

Fury said that Krassyuk is the “worst” manager in history for agreeing to his 30% offer to Usyk. Behind Fury’s message, he made it clear that he never thought his 70-30 proposal would be agreed on by Usyk, meaning it was just a bluff on his part.

Fury’s taunting shows how angry he is that Usyk has called his bluff by accepting the deal, and now he’s stuck with a difficult, potentially loss-producing fight against a talented boxer/puncher.

With only six weeks to go, Fury is now forced to enter a fat farm to burn off the huge amounts of fat that have collected around his midsection since his last fight against the shot-to-pieces 39-year-old journeyman Derek Chisora last December, and he doesn’t have a prayer of losing all that blubber in that little time.

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