Tyrese Haliburton drained a game-winning three over Pat Beverley


The Indiana Pacers played a close game yesterday vs their inner-division rival. It came down to the wire vs Chicago, but the Pacers would have the last laugh in the end after a game-winner by all-star PG Tyrese Haliburton. Bulls veteran guard Patrick Beverley and himself have had some exchanges on Twitter about past games. However, Haliburton has bragging rights at the moment after hitting a game-winning three against Beverley yesterday. 

Long-time NBA fans know the type of player that Patrick Beverley is. He talks a lot of of nonsense on and off the court and rarely backs it up with big games. Beverley is a journeyman in his career and he loves to make headlines with his over the top opinions.

The 34 year old shouldn’t have much to say after letting Haliburton hit a game-winning three right in his face. Indiana Sports Betting sites have the Pacers at (+100000) to win the Finals this season.

Haliburton knocks down a game-winning three over Patrick Beverley for bragging rights in social media drama

The beef all started when all-star PG Tyrese Haliburton went on former NBA player JJ Reddick’s podcast and had a few choice things to sat about Patrick Beverley. He was confused why Beverley was talking trash when he was not even guarding Haliburton for most of the game.

Pat Bev is known for voicing his opinion and had a response to the comments Haliburton made. In a game on 2/3 vs the Lakers, Haliburton has 26 points, 12 assists, and 2 steals. Somehow Beverley still saw this as “locking up” Haliburton and had more comments to say after the Lakers did win vs Indiana that night.

Beverley said he “took it personal” and wanted the challenge of guarding Haliburton back in the Lakers win in February. He didn’t get much of a chance to do it in their last matchup and said that Haliburton was lucky he wasn’t guarding him more.

While he felt disrespected in what Haliburton had to say, Beverley was also disrespectful himself when he called Haliburton a first-year player when this is his third season in the league. Haliburton definitely remembered that last night when he drained the game-winner over Patrick Beverley to get the Pacers a much needed win.

Haliburton finished yesterday’s game with 29 points, 3 rebounds, and 11 assists along with going 6-9 from deep. In an interview after the game Haliburton referenced once again that Beverley loves to talks trash, but said that “it’s over now”.

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