‘They Need To Get On The Same Page:’ Mitch Trubisky Says Miscommunication Between Kenny Pickett, Diontae Johnson Is ‘Everybody’s Fault’


There were a couple of times yesterday where Pittsburgh Steelers QB Kenny Pickett and WR Diontae Johnson weren’t on the same page in the team’s 13-10 loss to the Cleveland Browns. Johnson defended himself on Twitter this morning, and it’s clear that the wide receiver, who had just two receptions for 16 yards, wasn’t on the same page with his quarterback. Backup quarterback Mitch Trubisky said he knows who’s at fault for the miscommunication but that it doesn’t matter as both need to be on the same page.

“I know what happened. I’m not going to disclose what happened. They need to get on the same page. I’m not going to say whose fault it was. Whenever the play doesn’t work it’s everybody’s fault,” Trubisky said via Joe Rutter of TribLive.

Pickett threw for just 106 yards yesterday, surpassing 100 yards on his last throw of the game with the game basically already decided and the Steelers needing a miracle. Twice he and Johnson weren’t on the same page, once on the team’s final drive where he ran short and Pickett threw long and on a deep ball earlier in the game where he ran long and Pickett threw short. Those are the plays that Trubisky is likely referencing as far as knowing what happened.

For his part, Johnson said he knows how good the offense is, which makes it extra frustrating when miscommunication occurs.

“It’s frustrating because we know how good we are,” Johnson said via video posted to Twitter by ESPN’s Brooke Pryor. Johnson also made it clear that there was miscommunication between the two.

There’s no doubt that Pickett and Johnson need to get on the same page. As Trubisky said, it ends up being the fault of both of them when things go wrong, and for it to happen twice in a game isn’t good. Pittsburgh’s offense struggles enough when everybody is on the same page, and miscommunication issues are just a killer when an offense isn’t good to begin with.

Pickett needs to play better, and it’s clear that he’s really taken a step back over the past few weeks. Not being able to find his top receiver isn’t going to help matters, and with Pittsburgh having a lot of talent at the wide receiver position between Johnson and George Pickens, guys are going to get frustrated when they’re not being utilized properly.

Johnson and Pickett will look to get on the same page ahead of another crucial AFC North road matchup, as the Steelers travel to Cincinnati for a matchup with the Bengals on Sunday. A 6-4, the Steelers need to show they can win to hang around in the AFC North and playoff picture.

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