The Biggest 2023 Game Awards Snubs According To Readers


Geoff Keighley stands on stage at his award show.

Photo: JC Olivera (Getty Images)

Geoff Keighley’s Game Awards are far from the be-all and end-all of which games are good, creatively bold, and deserving of praise each year, but they’re still fun to get way too serious about. It’s the one day game developers get to dress fancy, go up on stage, and receive our collective thanks for their artistic accomplishment rather than getting canned the night before the quarterly earnings call.

But not every game gets that honor, and The Game Awards 2023 nominations have already whittled down the list quite a bit. The nominations were announced recently, and earlier this week, we asked readers what games they felt were missing. While fan votes and judge ballots are still being counted ahead of the December 7 showcase, here’s every great game this year that got snubbed, according to you.

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