Suicide Squad Game Comes Out Of Hiding, Reveals Massive Map


Rocksteady is finally ready to start talking about Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, after delaying it (again) earlier this year. The studio first announced its upcoming supervillain co-op action game way back in 2020. In a new video series going behind the scenes of the game, the devs explained how big its map will be and showed off some new cutscenes. Conveniently, they barely mentioned any of the live-service aspects fans aren’t happy about.

Rocksteady went radio silent for most of this year after delaying Suicide Squad from May 2023 to February 2024. This followed negative reactions to a leak in January and later to its first big gameplay reveal in February. Many fans weren’t happy about how the game looked a lot like another always-online looter shooter built around shooting purple weak points on generic enemies.

This time around, in the first episode of Rocksteady’s “Suicide Squad Insider,” the studio behind the popular Arkham series wanted to show off more of its upcoming co-op game’s narrative. Some new gameplay details sneaked in, too.

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