Steelers-Browns Weekend: Friday Night Five Questions


Happy Friday and I hope yinz are doing well.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will look to extend a two-game winning streak in a pivotal AFC North matchup this Sunday against the Cleveland Browns. A pair of 6-3 teams relying on running games and defenses. The Browns will turn to rookie QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson after losing starter Deshaun Watson for the season. The Steelers will continue to lean on their surging running game after putting up 166 yards against Tennessee and 205 last week versus Green Bay.

If Pittsburgh can come out on top, it will be 3-0 in the AFC North and in a really good place to compete for the division crown during the stretch run. No matter what happens, we’ll be here to recap and analyze the game.

Until then, we have five Friday night questions for you to answer.

Peace and love, peace and love!

1 – As always, we ask: Will the Steelers beat the Browns? 

2 – Rookie QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson threw three interceptions in his first career start against the Ravens. How many picks will he throw against Pittsburgh? 

3 – Over/under 90.5 yards for the Steelers’ run game this weekend? 

4 – Will rookie NT Keeanu Benton record a sack? 

5 – Who finishes with more receiving yards – Browns TE David Njoku or all the Steelers’ tight ends combined? 

Tiebreaker: Given the low over/under of this game, tell me the total points scored between Pittsburgh and Cleveland? 

Recap of 2023 Week 10 Weekend Friday Night 5 Questions

Question 1: Pittsburgh Steelers cruise by the Packers, 23-19. Steelers Depot respondents crushed this question. Fifty of 54 respondents (92.6%) predicted the win and earned a point.

Question 2: George Pickens caught three passes for 45 yards but did not score a touchdown. Only 16 of 54 respondents (29.6%) foresaw Pickens getting shutout of the end zone in this game.

Question 3: Steelers defenders came close a couple times, but only T.J. Watt successfully sacked Jordan Love. The lone sack was well under 3. Just seven people (13% of respondents) picked up a point on this question.

Question 4: The Steelers intercepted no passes until almost the end of the game. Then with less than 3:30 to play cornerback Patrick Peterson tipped a pass to strong safety Keanu Neal for a score-saving interception. Safety Damontae Kazee intercepted another pass at the goal line to end the game. So, a Steelers safety intercepted a pass. Nine of 54 (16.7%) picked up a point on this question.

Question 5: Kenny Pickett threw four passes apiece to Najee Harris and Connor Heyward. Each caught three of his targets. So, Harris and Heyward tied in receptions. Two respondents predicted Harris catching more passes while 22 said Heyward would catch more. Just 6 of 54 respondents (11.1%) picked a tie.

Here are the consensus responses of Steelers Depot respondents compared to the correct answers:

Questions Steelers Win? Pickens TD Pass? Love Sack 3 Times? Steelers Safety INT? Najee or Connor More Completions?
SD Consensus YES YES YES NO Najee Harris
Correct Answers YES NO NO YES TIE

Steelers Depot respondents only got one out of five correct!

Just one respondent swept the board by answering all five questions correctly and receiving 11 points (with the participation and five bonus points)! Bravo Ratsotex!. The tiebreaker was not needed to determine this week’s winner. Kenny Pickett passed for 126 yards and Jordan Love ran for just 11 for 137 combined yards. Three folks predicted 210 and came within 73 yards of the tiebreaker. But none came close to this week’s winner. GhotiFish was the only person within one answer of tying the winner this week.

Excellent job Ratsotex! Please send me a DM (subBurgher on twitter or quarternelson on Instagram or email with your PayPal address to receive your share of the winnings. Alternatively, you can kick your share back towards the next pot or donate it to the Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. Or new this season, opt for a Steelers Depot polo shirt in lieu of the cash prize. Entirely up to you, just let me know.

The Week 10 winner receives $75 since two previous winners kicked their share back into the pot.

After 10 weeks, Steelers D and GhotiFish remain in the top two spots. We now have a five-way tie for third place. Yours truly rose four places and Ratsotex a whopping 29 to share the final money post with Steven Small, ginko18, and Six ring circus. Jeremy and J. rejoin the leaderboard after a one-week absence.

Great job people!

Here is 2023 Leaderboard after Week 10:

Steelers D 51 First
GhotiFish 47 Second
Steven Small 43 Third (tie)
ginko18 43 Third (tie)
Six ring circus 43 Third (tie)
Beaver Falls Hosiery 43 Third (tie) +4
*Ratsotex 43 Third (tie) +29
wa_steel 42 Eighth (tie) -2
Chris92021 42 Eighth (tie) -1
Deep_derp 42 Eighth (tie) -1
Lou Rock 42 Eighth (tie) -1
Andi B 41 12th (tie) -5
Buckeye Steel 41 12th (tie) -5
GreenBastard 41 12th (tie) +1
IC in Cincy 41 12th (tie) +1
Doc Ellis D 41 12th (tie) +4
Pghomer 40 17th (tie) -4
Style Points 40 17th (tie) -1
Beeze 40 17th (tie) -1
Stone Age Tone 39 20th (tie) -4
Wes Lee 39 20th (tie) +1
Peter-Petersen 39 20th (tie) +1
Ted Webb 38 23rd
Douglas Prostorog 37 24th (tie) -8
DLFoot 37 24th (tie) -1
B&G 37 24th (tie) +1
Greg Payne 37 24th (tie) +1
John Pudine 36 28th -3
Steely McBeam 35 29th (tie) -1
Agustin-ARG 35 29th (tie) -1
Sunshine State Steel 35 29th (tie) -1
*Jeremy 35 29th (tie) +3
*J. 35 29th (tie) +3

*New to leaderboard

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