Sportsbooks Give 58% For JJ Redick To Be Fired Next From ESPN


In what may be a surprising line from some, Sportsbooks have named JJ Redick as the favorite to be the next on-air personality to be fired by ESPN.

Odds For The Next On-Air Personality To Be Fired By ESPN

Bet Kendrick Perkins JJ Redick Play
First To be Fired From ESPN +100 -140 BetOnline logo

A Heated Debate Between Redick And Perkins

JJ Redick has been in the headlines quite a bit since he joined ESPN as an on-air personality. He has a style of commentary where he refuses to back down and typically backs up his point of view with stats and historical support. His latest spat with Kendrick Perkins made headlines as Perkins made some outlandish claims and Redick tore them down with facts.

The heated debate between former NBA players Perkins and Redick regarding the race of past and potential MVP winners to place on the EPSN show “First Take”.  Perkins suggested that some white MVP winners, including Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash, were beneficiaries of bias due to their lower scoring averages compared to other top scorers. Redick quickly fired back, pointing out that Magic Johnson won three MVP awards while ranking outside the top 10 in points per game during each season. The debate grew more contentious as the possibility of Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic winning a third straight MVP award was discussed, despite his relatively low scoring average.

Redick signed a new contract with ESPN back in September that added some new roles to his duties aside from just appearing on some morning talk shows. His new agreement added him to the booth as a commentator for games shown on ESPN. He has been featured in a three-man booth with Richard Jefferson, and they have received some positive feedback. Redick will also be doing some draft coverage for ESPN in the off-season as the NBA Draft continues to grow as an off-season event.

Other Personalities Weigh In

Many former players who are now a part of the sports media industry have weighed in on the recent spat between Redick and Perkins, none more outspoken than the always-entertaining Charles Barkley.

“I always talk about ESPN disease,” Barkley said. “A lot of these guys, when they get on TV and stuff, they’re like, ‘Well I’m on ESPN; I got to say something provocative.’ And you know the thing about it, you’re always gonna get some fools out there, you guys probably get some fools calling in agreeing with him. … I can promise you this: I’ve never said anything on television just to get clicks.”

“This crossed a line,” Barkley said. “JJ is the only person to challenge Perk last week. I’m glad he did it, because when I first heard it, I said, ‘Man this has got to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.

There is no doubt that JJ has rubbed some old vets the wrong way, but he’s also held other on-air talent accountable for the things they say, and it’s been a breath of fresh air. If ESPN fires Redick, he won’t be a free agent for long as it was reported that TNT was interested in Redick prior to his new contract with ESPN. Redick is also the host of a successful podcast called “The Old Man and the Three”.

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