Pokemon Scarlet and Violet sells 10 million copies in a matter of days


We were already well aware that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has had the best physical launch in the UK this year, but how has the latest mainline Pokemon instalment done altogether? Nintendo has since announced that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is, in fact, the fastest-selling game in Nintendo’s history.

These guys think Quaxly is the best starter. Go tell them they’re wrong.

The game, which introduces Generation 9 of Pokemon, has managed to sell 10 million units globally in both physical and digital sales in its first three days on the market. The press release, which is via Business Wire, states, “This is the highest global sales level for any software on any Nintendo platform within the first three days.”

That’s a huge feat for Nintendo, and for the Pokemon franchise on a whole. Since its conception in 1996, mainline Pokemon video games have continued to outsell each other, and the franchise shows no signs of slowing down whatsoever.

This is quite the contrast to Sony boasting about God of War: Ragnarok being its fastest-selling exclusive launch, having sold 5.1 million copies in its first week.

Regardless, there’s no denying that Pokemon is obviously going to exceed the likes of God of War. Pokemon is, after all, the biggest media franchise globally. That said, is Pokemon Scarlet and Violet any good? Well, Alex spills the details in his review of the game, but if you’ve spent anytime on the internet this week, you probably have your own ideas.

There’s no denying that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet shipped in an abysmal state, with poor performance and plenty of bugs. That said, the gameplay is better than ever, and it appears that players are having plenty of fun with the game, graphical glitches and all.

Have you experienced Pokemon Scarlet and Violet yet? If so, do let us know what you think of it!

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