Overwatch 2’s vice president is leaving after six years at Blizzard


Jon Spector, Overwatch 2’s commercial leader and vice president, is leaving after six years with the developer.

Last week, Spector shared the news that he would be stepping down from his role at Blizzard, after having worked there for six years. “After 6 amazing years, I’ve decided to hang up my sword and am leaving Blizzard at the end of March,” Spector wrote on his personal Twitter account. “Working on Overwatch has been the highlight of my career – Team 4 brings immense talent and passion to their work every day.”

He went on to thank everyone at Blizzard and the entire Overwatch community, and noted that Overwatch 2 is in good hands with his soon to be former colleagues Aaron Keller, current game director, and Jared Neuss, executive producer on the free-to-play shooter. “There are so many exciting things coming to Overwatch that I can’t wait to see as a player. I’ve worked closely with the rest of the leadership team on this transition, and I know the franchise is in great hands with [Keller], [Neuss], and the rest of the team.”

Spector’s replacement hasn’t been announced just yet, but we’ve still got half of March to go, so he’s still technically in the role for now.

Overwatch 2 seems to have done quite well for Activision Blizzard’s financial results, with the company reporting in February that the sequel “delivered the highest quarterly figures for player numbers and hours played in Overwatch history.”

It’ll be interesting to see what lies in the future of the shooter, as the game recently hosted an official collaboration with the popular anime and manga One Punch Man. The collab features skins for various characters for the manga, with Doomfist obviously getting themed around One Punch Man himself. Overwatch hasn’t featured collaborations like this before, so we’ll have to wait and see if this pays off with the switch to free-to-play.

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