MMA SQUARED: Non-fight stories stole the show at a Fight Night; that’s not how it’s supposed to go


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Chris Rini

Do you folks watch every fight? Another media member straight up asked me this recently and it felt good to say NO. There are more efficient ways to budget one’s time, especially on a weekend like this most recent one with interesting stakes and fighters from three different orgs. I try to pick the most interesting fights and catch them either live or stay off social media to watch spoiler-free. From there I check out podcasts like the 6th Round or Luke Thomas to find out if any performances stood out from prospects or if there was a notable Fight/round of the Night/year, and I’ll circle back to catch that. I mean, I make a damn book about the fights and it’s nearly impossible to consume them all let alone quantify and draw them. Anyway, I’d love to hear how your combat consumption goes down. Easy, or queasy?

If you’d like more Chris Rini art, I’ve got a YouTube series that updates each Tuesday and Thursday chronicling the making of The Fine Art of Violence book series and a series of large MMA paintings I’m creating for an upcoming exhibition. Here’s a time lapse of Erin Blanchfield vs Molly McCann called “Steamrolled” it’s a 48”x48” painting on wood panel.

Take care of yourself and I’ll talk to you Wednesday.


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