Liverpool could earn millions from behind-the-scenes deal


Kieran Maguire has warned that a potential rise in Premier League broadcasting revenue will not be at ‘staggering levels’ previously seen in 2014 and 2017.

The University of Liverpool lecturer went on to point out that increased revenue in the English top-flight does tend to go towards increased wages – a tangible positive that would benefit Liverpool’s operations.

This comes amid one report from the Telegraph claiming that online retailer giant Amazon are looking to potentially submit a bid for broadcasting rights in the league.

“There is huge interest in the Premier League rights,” the finance expert told Football Insider.

“We’ve seen other leagues plateau or decrease when it comes to broadcast rights, but I think broadcasters have realised that the Premier League sets a standard of engagement with fans which dissuades them from cutting the cord or cancelling the subscription.

“Therefore it is very much the go-to, and as a consequence of that, there is still upward potential with regards to the value of the broadcast rights.

“It will not be staggering levels like when we had a 70 percent increase in 2014 and 2017.

“The rise is magnificent for Premier League clubs, although they only proceed to blow it on wages.

“If you take a look at the history of the Premier League, revenue has increased by 2600 percent since it started and wages have increased by 3600 percent.”

Maguire went on to add that the Merseysiders could take advantage of further fringe benefits when it comes to ‘merit payments and higher facility payments’.

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More money on wages is good news for Liverpool

Obviously, it goes without saying that increased wage capabilities would benefit all in the Premier League – not just Liverpool.

However, even in a sustainable model, it should help us remain competitive when it comes to financially enticing players to Anfield in competition with our fellow footballing behemoths across Europe.

Judging by how the club has been operated of late, we’re pretty confident that it’ll be money well spent!

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