Kevin Weeks Drops Hints on Future Franchise Locations


The NHL Trade Deadline has come and gone but the hype for more exciting hockey news continues to spill in.

The NHL is looking to expand the league and capitalize on growing US hockey markets following the wildly successful introduction of the Vegas Golden Knights and Seattle Kraken.

According to recent reports, the next NHL city could be a revitalization of an existing location.

On Saturday, ESPN broadcaster John Buccigross tweeted that the NHL is looking to re-establish a team in Atlanta.

Following that, Twitter account and insider @NHLRumoursDaily confirmed the Atlanta Thrasers’ return.
NRD explained in a later thread that Atlanta is the frontrunner for NHL expansion because of persistent demand and a powerful ownership group.

However on Sunday, Kevin Weeks has also tweeted re-confirming Atlanta as a location and the very possibility of Houston as the next two franchises for the NHL to pursue.

At this time, there is no indication that a returning team will be renamed the Atlanta Thrashers.
With such a distinct color scheme, logo, and jersey, a Thrashers comeback would be incredible to witness as a hockey fan. It appears to be a possibility, more than a decade after being relocated to Winnipeg.

Stay tuned for more details to follow into this week.

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