Judge’s Decision in Hockey Player’s Case Leaves Some Scratching Their Heads


Kid Andersson was peacefully watching his under-20 team play in a game in January 2022 while sitting on the players’ bench. Andersson was taking a drink while on the bench when an opposing player grabbed his stick and whacked him in the face. The swing was “axe like,” according to some there.

The harm suffered was considerable. Andersson sustained a shattered jaw, lost several teeth, and developed a major laceration that resulted in significant blood loss. He was required to follow a liquid-only diet for weeks due to the severity of his injuries.





Although the incident’s perpetrator had not been identified, he faced assault charges. A rather unexpected verdict was rendered by the court earlier this week.

Legal documents state that the defendant, who is only known as “XX,” must compensate the victim $6,500 in damages. The attacker, however, managed to avoid being found guilty of the case’s assault counts. After Andersson accidently sprayed him with water, the court determined that the player was not intending to physically assault Andersson but rather was merely trying to knock the bottle out of his hand.

“The evidence presented is therefore not sufficient to establish beyond reasonable doubt that XX acted with intent when Kid Andersson was hit by his hockey stick in the face. The prosecution is therefore not proven and XX should be acquitted.”

Given how strong the evidence seems to be against the player, this choice is surprising. The accused’s attorney expressed the following thoughts:

“It is absolutely right that he is acquitted. My client has said from the beginning that he wants to pay for the damages he has caused, but it was an accident and not a deliberate act.”

Andersson has since made a comeback, however it is unknown how he feels about this verdict.

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