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The only thing Zach Wilson will be holding Sunday is a clipboard.

Robert Saleh and the Jets coaching staff decided on Wednesday to bench the struggling quarterback. He doesn’t belong as the team’s starting QB and does not give the Jets the best chance to win games in the middle of a playoff race. Mike White deserves the shot right now and maybe we see Wilson again at some point this season. The 23-year-old out of BYU needs some tough love after his play and lack of accountability and the Jets are now giving it to him.

Oh yeah, and Darrelle Revis is going in the Jets Ring of Honor Sunday.

So why not react to the Wilson news and chat with Revis all in one? The Jets legend was our guest on a new “Gang’s All Here” podcast with Brian Costello and me. Revis talks about getting in the Ring of Honor, potentially getting in the Hall of Fame one day, Sauce Gardner, Rex Ryan, his career, and more. Tune in to the podcast below or subscribe to “Gang’s All Here” wherever you get podcasts.

Gang’s All Here Podcast with Jake Brown & Brian Costello:

  • JETS BENCH ZACH WILSON: This was the right decision. After how bad his play was and his lack of accountability, you could not trot him out against the Bears Sunday. Mike White will get the chance to start at least Sunday and potentially beyond. Wilson will be inactive and Joe Flacco is the backup.
  • JETS QB SAGA: How long will White get as the starter? Will Wilson get another shot this year? What does this mean for the future at QB? Jimmy Garoppolo would be the perfect fit here.
  • JETS-BEARS PREVIEW: It is finally happening…Coz is taking the Jets! I’m riding with him and we both are going with a score of 30-20. It is looking more and more like Justin Fields may play, which makes this a more intriguing game, but the Bears’ defense is terrible and the Jets should be able to take advantage, get to 7-4 and be right back in the playoff seeding.

Darrelle Revis Interview:
Jets legend, Jets Ring of Honor, Patriots Super Bowl champion, future Hall of Fame cornerback

  • THE 2015 JETS/YOUR RETURN: Beating the Patriots was special. A lot of record-breaking seasons from guys on that team. It was a great group of guys.
  • JETS RING OF HONOR: Excited to get in on Sunday, but there’s a lot of butterflies. Happy and humbled for it and appreciate to be in the Ring of Honor with other greats.
  • HIS DRIVE: Nobody practiced harder. Coming from a steel mill town, blue collar, tough people, tough neighborhood. Made that my DNA and who I am, not allowing a catch in not just the games, but in practice.
  • TODAY’S GAME: Too old to play now if he were asked to come back. The game seems more fun today with technology and media outlets and different feeds. Packed on a few pounds, might look more like a linebacker today.
  • YOU AND REX: Our relationship was very close. It was like playing chess for Rex Ryan. He let his skillset evolve playing for him. Never had a closer bond like the one with Rex. “He was a coach and a friend.”
  • TRADED TO BUCS: Wanted to stay with Jets. Didn’t want to go to Tampa Bay, but that’s how it worked out. Had loyalty to the Jets for drafting him. Hope was to bring a second championship to the Jets.
  • HALL OF FAME: It would mean the world to me. Would love to see his name in that group of guys.
  • SAUCE GARDNER: Think he can be a great cornerback in this league. I see the “it” factor in Sauce. We would love to have him in the Jets Ring of Honor one day.



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