Ja Morant suspended eight games without pay by the NBA


The situation that Ja Morant has found himself in is not easy, but he has to man up and take credit for what he’s done. A number of off-the-court issues have piled up for him and the league had to do something about it. Morant has recently met with Adam Silver to discuss the discipline he’ll receive for the incidents in which he was involved. It was announced that the league is suspending him eight games without pay due to ‘conduct detrimental to the league’. 

Memphis’ 23-year-old superstar has found himself in a place he probably thought he wouldn’t be four years into the league. ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski reported today that Morant will be suspended for eight games without pay and will be eligible to return to the team this upcoming Monday.

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Morant is eligible to return to the team this upcoming Monday after meeting with Commissioner Silver

The two-time all-star has missed the last five games in a row for the Grizzlies and will miss the next three all without pay. Morant found himself in multiple instances over the last year involving guns and it’s not a good look for the league or himself.

He recently met with Silver to discuss what the NBA is calling “conduct detrimental to the league”.  Memphis’ superstar was lucky that his team had decided to keep him away from the team for the past five games as they will count towards the eight given in the suspension.

Ja’s last game played was on 3/3 vs the Denver Nuggets and that’s where his biggest incident occurred. He went on an Instagram live video after the game and flashed a gun on the screen and that was the final straw. Morant was lucky that the Colorado Police opted not to charge him with a crime.

Luckily, Morant has had the support of his family, friends, teammates, and others along the way to help him through this time. Even Nike released a statement saying that they “appreciate” Morant’s accountability for his actions. He’s set to have his first-ever signature shoe with the sneaker icon released next month.

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