Ja Morant Drug Tested By NBA For Returning So Quick From Injury


The Memphis Grizzlies are 10-7 this season and 1-3 in their last four games. On Friday night, Grizzlies all-star PG Ja Morant suffered a Grade 1 sprain to his left ankle in the teams win vs the Thunder. Now, he’s listed as questionable to play tonight and the league seems to be suspicious of Morant returning so quickly. 

Initially, Morant was listed as week-to-week with the injury he suffered on Friday night. He’s recovered much quicker than anyone expected and he’s now questionable to play tonight vs the Kings. Just yesterday the Grizzlies had him listed as doubtful and there seems to be some controversy on Morant being back so quick.

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Ja Morant listed as questionable for tonight’s game

Morant’s return came sooner than anyone expected him too and that’s where the issue is. Memphis beat writers asked Ja how he was able to do this, and his answer was peculiar.

“A cyborg. I’m just a unique dude, man. I don’t think I’m human. I got to do some lab testing or something to see what is really behind it. The league is doing the same. I have a drug test right after this.” – Ja Morant

Obviously the young superstar was just joking with the reporters, but he has come back from Grade 1 sprain in his left ankle much quicker than anyone imagined. That is likely why the league wanted to give Morant a drug test to make sure he was clean.

A typical recovery time for a Grade 1 sprain is in the range of 3-5 weeks. If Morant plays in tonight’s game, he’ll have returned in 3-5 days. It’s possible that Morant could have been given an inaccurate reading of his injury, or maybe at 23, he can just heal quicker than some players who’ve played in the league longer than he has.

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