Hector Luis Garcia = More Dangerous Than Ryan Garcia For Tank Davis


By Allan Fox: For his January 7th tune-up fight on Showtime pay-per-view, Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis has chosen to take a riskier fight than his scheduled April 15th bout against Ryan Garcia by facing Hector Luis Garcia at the Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C.

This move could blow up in the face of PBC and Al Haymon by using Hector Garcia as the tune-up because they’re putting the Gervonta-Ryan fight at risk. After all, there’s a real possibility of an upset.

We saw Hector pull off an upset against Chris Colbert, and he beat him in a one-sided fight earlier this year. It wasn’t even close. Hector schooled Colbert.

Ryan should be the tune-up for Tank, and Hector Garcia the bigger fight. Ryan is popular because of his preening on social media and NOT because of what he’s done in boxing.

Hector is the real deal, a guy that has accomplished things in the sport and has the Olympic pedigree. He’s not a guy that poses on Instagram, uploading pictures.

Hector Garcia doesn’t possess the power or the speed of Ryan, but he’s worlds better than him and more than good enough to beat Tank Davis.

The 2016 Olympian Hector is a good-sized southpaw and can fight in close or on the outside and make adjustments. What Hector did to Chris Colbert was impressive.

Hector will take Tank’s power and likely embarrass him as he did Colbert and Rober Gutierrez.

We saw how Gervonta almost lost to Isaac Cruz and struggled against Rolly Romero. The difference in skills between Hector Garcia and Tank Davis is huge. That will not change, no matter how much work Tank puts into preparing for this fight.

Both of those fights showed how limited Tank Davis is as a fighter. Hector is a much better fighter than those two, and he’s got a superior boxing IQ than Tank Davis by far.

There’s a good chance that Tank (27-0, 25 KOs) will lose to Hector Garcia and be stuck facing him in a rematch afterward rather than moving forward to face Kingry in a lucrative PPV match-up.

Unlike Ryan, Hector can fight and is highly talented with better skills than him or Tank Davis. Hector isn’t as fast or as powerful, but he’s a better technical fighter than Tank and plenty tough.

For boxing fans that follow the sport closely, they’ll know that Hector Garcia has the talent to beat Tank Davis and make him look bad.

The management for Tank is rolling the dice by choosing Hector Garcia, and you got to wonder if this was a decision made by Gervonta to face this guy rather than a true tune-up-level opponent that won’t pose a threat.

Gervonta could be making a mistake in choosing to face Hector Luis Garcia in a tune-up when this guy is a dangerous and better fighter, more accomplished than Ryan Garcia.

It was thought that Tank would take a stay-busy tune-up level fight on January 7th in DC to sharpen up a little before facing Ryan Garcia for the big money on April 15th.

This is a  tougher fight for Tank than Ryan because Hector has skills, and he was brought along facing the best in the Dominican Republic. He’s not a social media boxer like Ryan.

Given the risk that Hector Garcia presents to Tank Davis, it would have been better to take this fight AFTER facing Ryan than ahead of time.

If Tank Davis were smart, he’ll pull out of the Hector Garcia fight and devise an injury excuse to avoid this guy. If Tank faces him, he’s going to get exposed.

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