Disney Speedstorm drifts into early access April 18


Disney’s take on Mario Kart, Disney Speedstorm, is finally launching into early access next month, April 18.

Those that regularly play Mario Kart and feel there just aren’t enough cartoon mice that epitomise capitalism will be happy to hear that Disney Speedstorm is almost here, as the game’s official Twitter announced you’ll be able to head to the race tracks from April 18. The game will be available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, and will be free-to-play whenever it receives its full launch, but to play it in early access you’ll need to purchase one of the game’s founder packs.

The standard founder’s pack is the cheapest way to get early access, but in turn it obviously offers less bang for your buck. With this pack you get to play the early access release, as well as have Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck unlocked, alongside one racer of your choice – plus a couple of bonus exclusive founding member racing suits for Mickey, Donald, and whichever racer you choose. And there’s the usual live service affair too, like 4000 tokens (the in-game currency), and a couple of golden pass credits.

The deluxe founder’s pack comes with all of that, as well as unlocking Mulan as a race, and 7000 credits. And the ultimate founder’s pack gives you even more tokens, an extra golden pass credit, some exclusive kart parts, and Captain Jack Sparrow and Hercules as additional races.

“We’re eager for fans to start their engines by joining us on the Disney Speedstorm race tracks throughout early access and battle each other as iconic racers on stunning tracks inspired by Disney and Pixar films,” said game manager Aska Suzuki in a press release. “We can’t wait to hear our community’s feedback and to work together to create a game that is reactive to the needs and wants of the players as we plan to offer a constantly evolving racing experience.”

Disney Speedstorm releases in early access April 18, but doesn’t currently have a release date for its full release.

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