DeMar DeRozan is still not ready to commit to extension deal in Chicago


The Bulls are definitely interested in bringing back DeMar DeRozan, who is currently on an expiring contract in Illinois. The club’s front office have already discussed a potential extension, but they haven’t been able agree on the amount of years or salary yet, especially because the player is waiting to see how the team performs this season. 

According to Shams Charania, this is the main reason why their star guard isn’t ready to sign an extension deal in Chicago. Another situation that is looming is the fact that the franchise is open to explore a trade out for Zach LaVine, which would decrease their potential of contending for a title.

The NBA insider is certain that the possibility of the Bulls trading out LaVine would push DeMar farther away from committing to a return. The 34-year-old has produced career averages of 21.0 points, 4.4 rebounds and 4.0 assists playing for the Toronto Raptors, San Antonio Spurs and now Chicago.

Ever since the Bulls lost their season-opening match against Oklahoma City, most players have expressed their frustrations with the team’s offense. Now the club is 4-7 after losing against the Milwaukee Bucks on Monday.

“Control what you can control,” DeRozan said after their latest defeat. “This may sound cliché, but I’m big on being professional even in the toughest of times. It’s always easy to run away or find an excuse or blame somebody else or whatever. But sticking through something always teaches you a lesson.”

The veteran guard revealed he’s not a quitter and will fight for his team for as long as a contract binds him. He then took the opportunity to explain why he’s not the type of player who would demand a trade, as he rather give his all and hope for the best.

“Some people demand trades or demand certain things and they still don’t get what they want. For me, I just wake up and try to be the best I can be that day and let it translate over,” DeMar stated.

Bulls stars are confident they will turn things around after tough start this campaign

After losing 7 times during their first 11 matches of the competition, it is clear that the Bulls stars haven’t been shooting well. For example, LaVine is shooting just 40.9% overall, while DeRozan is only dropping 43.4% from the field.

After losing to the Bucks on November 13, the 34-year-old revealed he’s still confident that the buckets will start to drop moving forward.

“I’m not concerned about it,” DeMar said. “Of course, you want to be shooting well and right now, we’re not. But we’re getting a lot of great looks. We’re getting more confident moving the ball, finding guys, getting open shots, getting aggressive going to the basket. We can’t stop that and get frustrated. I’m confident because we’re generating the shots we want. … I know it’s going to turn for me and Zach, for everybody.”

LaVine, who is averaging 21.9 points, 4.8 rebounds and 3.0 assists so far this campaign, shared a similar sentiment. “It’s not like we’re getting good ones. We got to stick with it, trust our work. It’s frustrating because you expect yourself to do better. I didn’t make any damn layups. They’ll start dropping. I trust what I do,” he said.

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