Crash and Spyro will reuinte once again next month in Crash Team Rumble


Crash Team Rumble, the multiplayer take on Crash Bandicoot, sees the ole spinning orange furry once again collaborating with Spyro the Dragon.

Crash and Spyro appearing in one another’s games is an inevitability. Their relationship goes way back, all the way to Crash 3 where you can actually play a demo of the first Spyro the Dragon. They even had a pair of crossover games for the Game Boy Advance, which saw them enter each other’s worlds. Now, thanks to Crash Team Rumble, the two are back together again with the competitive multiplayer game’s third season adding Spyro in as a playable character.

The third season is called All Fired Up, and kicks off December 7, just over a couple of weeks away. Weirdly, as part of the game’s current second season, Party Mode, you can play as Spyro 2 antagonist Ripto, though why he was added before Spyro himself is something I can’t answer. Nothing else has been confirmed for season three, but season two has added in a new minefield power, a couple of new maps, limited time modes like 3v3, and like most live service games these days, a premium battle pass.

Crash Team Rumble released in June, but it’s hard to tell how well it’s doing at the moment. As pointed out by VGC, viewer counts on Twitch for the game are incredibly low (at the time of writing there are five viewers for the game total). This won’t be an exact representation of player count in the game, with the game only being on PlayStation and Xbox we can’t really get many figures on it, but for a live service title to be performing so poorly on the biggest streaming platform doesn’t exactly scream it’s doing well.

If you are interested in trying out Crash Team Rumble, it’s actually on sale on both PlayStation and Xbox right now.

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