Clippers star James Harden promises than once they ‘figure this out, it’s going to be scary’


The Clippers started their 2023/24 campaign with a 3-2 mark after their first five matches. Ever since James Harden was traded out of Philadelphia and landed in L.A., the squad has now lost six consecutive games. 

While most experts believe that “The Beard” is the main reason behind this losing streak, he’s been asking fans to please remain patient while the team adapts and has delivered bold promises.

“When we figure this out, it’s going to be scary,” the veteran guard said this week. “We’re getting there. We’ll let others talk, and we’ll put the work in. It’s going to take some time, and that’s OK.”

Nevertheless, Harden has been receiving strong criticism from the entire league, and recently was subject to a viral rant from former Dallas Mavs staff Brian Dameris, who was invited on Bally Sports Southwest telecast and labeled the player as “the problem” throughout his entire career.

“I didn’t even hear exactly what he said, but people were telling me he was going in on me,” Harden said when asked if he’d heard the rant. “He doesn’t know me or the situation. That would be (bleeped) up if I went at him and started being disrespectful to him, but I can’t. They don’t know anything. They just go off what they see on social media or hearsay.”

Despite Dameris spewing many truths, his viral clip was deleted from the Bally company’s social media accounts stating that it “did not reflect the Mavericks organization.”

“I pay that (bleep) no mind,” the Clippers star assured. “I do a really good job at ignoring the noise because it doesn’t affect me. It’s just people talking. … My focus is getting wins.”

Teammate Paul George blamed the referees as the real reason why they lost to the Nuggets on Tuesday

Paul George wasn’t happy after his team lost against Denver two nights ago and decided to let out his frustrations on officials Natalie Sago, Matt Boland and Josh Tiven. According to the Clippers guard, they played a great game but were directly affected by the referees.

“I thought we played great. It’s tough. The adversity of playing against the extra three,” he expressed. “I thought they were awful. But, defending champs, we got to play better. There’s a lot to be positive about. I’m not one for moral victories, but I thought we showed more of a sign of a team tonight that’s close to getting it over the hump.”

While the Nuggets won the game 111-108, the Los Angeles club shot 24 free throws and opponents went to the line in 32 occasions. In spite of this, Paul insisted that the team will start winning soon.

“We’re all honoring this adjustment. We have to sacrifice. We understand it. Simple as that. No one is going against that. Nobody is frustrated about it,” George assured. “We know what we have. There’s one ball, and there’s four good motherf–kers. And we understand that and embrace it. We want to make each other better, and I don’t think one person is complaining one bit about it.”

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