‘Can’t play games in there’: Pros react to confusion over Davey Grant’s win, Raphael Assunção retirement


There was no way Raphael Assuncao and Davey Grant could leave the octagon without causing some sort of chaos.

With Assunção carrying one of the most decorated resumes in the bantamweight division and Grant refusing to ever partake in a boring fight, it was inevitable fans would witness something crazy at UFC Las Vegas.

After two back-and-forth rounds, the bantamweights locked horns for a final frame of action. With both men tangled up against the fence, referee Keith Peterson stepped in, separated them, and declared Grant had grabbed the fence after repeated warnings to stop.

Following a point deduction, Assunção and his head coach Eric Nicksick seemed confused over why Peterson reset the action rather than give him back position. Bt Grant refused to let him plead his case as he battered Assunção with strikes before locking on a reverse triangle against the fence.

With Assunção’s’ oxygen supply rapidly closing, Grant squeezed until the referee pulled him off the unconscious body below him.

Almost immediately following the loss, the Brazilian removed his gloves and announced the end of his 19-year career.

See some social media reactions to the confusion over the ending and Assunção’s retirement.

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