Brian Dutcher’s SDSU Contract, Salary & NCAA Tournament Bonus


San Diego State University (SDSU) basketball coach Brian Dutcher has led the Aztecs on an exceptional Cinderella run this year, culminating in their first-ever Final Four appearance. Taking the reins in 2017, Dutcher has achieved remarkable success, transforming the SDSU basketball program into a formidable force. As the Aztecs gear up to face Florida Atlantic for a shot at the National Championship game, let’s delve into Dutcher’s contract, salary, buyout, net worth, and March Madness incentives.

Brian Dutcher’s Contract and Salary

Dutcher inked a six-year extension in 2020, extending his tenure with SDSU through the 2026 season. The deal boasted a guaranteed sum of $7.8 million. Although not among the highest-paid coaches in college basketball, he’s certainly proved value for money for the Aztecs this season.

Over the next few seasons, Dutcher’s annual salary is slated as follows:

  • 2022-23: $1.33 million
  • 2023-24: $1.405 million
  • 2024-25: $1.48 million
  • 2025-26: $1.53 million

March Madness Incentives

With the Aztecs’ impressive run to the Final Four in the NCAA Tournament, Dutcher has already secured a plethora of incentives. Some of his March Madness incentives include:

  • NCAA Tournament appearance: $25,000
  • NCAA Tournament championship game: $100,000

By merely reaching the tournament, Dutcher earned an additional $25,000. However, he has now far exceeded the expectations coming into March Madness. If the Aztecs triumph over FAU in the Final Four, Dutcher will pocket another $100,000 for advancing to the championship game.

Dutcher’s contract also features other incentives, such as:

  • Conference coach of the year: $15,000
  • National coach of the year: $50,000
  • Top 15 finish in either major poll: $25,000
  • 16th through 25th finish in either major poll: $15,000
  • Each victory against a team from a power conference: $5,000
  • Each win against someone ranked in the Top 25: $5,000
  • A player named first team All-American: $10,000

Brian Dutcher’s Buyout

In terms of buyout provisions, the university would owe Dutcher the full amount remaining if it fires him without cause, unless he accepts “comparable basketball-related employment,” in which case his new salary would be subtracted.

According to USA Today, the buyout mirrors the guarantee, starting at $5.95 million and decreasing each season by the amount of his salary that year. However, there’s one exception: the buyout is only $1 million for the University of Minnesota, Dutcher’s alma mater.

Brian Dutcher’s Net Worth

Dutcher’s net worth is estimated to be around the $3 million mark, thanks to his lucrative contract and steady rise in the coaching ranks. As he continues to lead the Aztecs to success, his net worth is expected to climb in the coming years.

This exceptional Cinderella run by the five-seed Aztecs has captured the hearts of fans nationwide. With a victory over the nine-seed FAU in the Final Four, the SDSU basketball will be one step closer to securing their place in the championship and making history.

As Brian Dutcher continues to inspire and lead his team, his already impressive contract and net worth are bound to grow alongside the Aztecs’ success.

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