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Crafty super middleweight Marcelo Conceres 932-5-1, 18 KOs) will be going up against the unbeaten Eddie Hearn-promoted fighter Diego Pacheco tonight in the headliner on DAZN at the YouTube Theater in Inglewood, California. This is a tough one for the 22-year-old Pacheco (19-0, 16 KOs), who needs a solid victory to continue his march to a world title. (Photo credit: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom).

Live boxing results will be shown below.

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Tonight’s Pacheco vs. Coceres event starst at 8 pm ET on DAZN.

Pacheco facing crafty veteran

“He’s a body puncher. He’s not a volume body puncher, but he knocked Cullen out with a body shot and knocked Gallegos down with a body shot,” said Chris Mannix to DAZN Boxing show.

“That left hook to the body from Diego Pacheo is starting to become a big-time weapon in his arsenal. I don’t think he’s ready for a world title fight yet and won’t be ready until the tail end of next year; he is a full-blown contender.

“That brings me to Coceres, who is the most accomplished guy on Diego Pacheco’s resume. He’s a former world title challenger. He was a round and a half from beating Billy Joe Saunders back in 2019.

“He knocked down Edgar Berlanga in 2021. He was 1-2 last year, but both of those fighters for Coceres came against undefeated fighters. So take that into consideration. Four of his five losses have come against undefeated fighters. What kind of challenge do you think Coceres for Pacheco?”

“A big one because this is the type of guy that has been in there with the top-level opposition and big and big punchers,” said Sergio Mora about the 32-year-old Coceres. “Like you said. Saunders, he went eleven rounds with him in a fight that he was possibly winning. There you go. He was winning, and then he got stopped in the championship round, so he wasn’t ready for that.

“Against Berlanga, a big, strong boogeyman at 168, he was able to drop and hurt him. He had him hurt in that round [nine], and if there was ten seconds more in that round, we would have been talking about the upset of the year.

“That’s the type of fighter because the thing about Conceres. He doesn’t come to win rounds. He comes to win the fight. He’ll hang in the pocket, move around the ring, he’ll get angles, he’ll time you, and then he’s going to look for an overhand right.

“Another thing is Coceres knows how to throw that right hand to the body. So tall fighters like Pacheco, who are 6’4”, that’s exactly what you have to do. You have to stab them in the gut. That way, they start bending down, making themselves smaller. That’s when you come over the guard and the top with lefts and rights.

“He’s a very sneaky fighter, Conceres is, and he has power. So he has a little bit of everything, and he’s this close to being a world champion [from his fight with Billy Joe Saunders in 2019]. He’s one upset away from being a world champion.

Coceres offers different style of Pacheco

“Diego Pacheco isn’t on a world championship level, but he’s being set up for it. This is a perfect opportunity for Conceres and Pacheco. That’s why it’s a hell of a match-up, it’s a hell of a fight, and we’ll be there,” said Mora.

“I like the selection of Coceres for this fight. It’s a different style from what he’s faced, and that has been the philosophy from Matchroom in recent fights to give Pacheco different looks,” said Mannix.

“While he had a tall, rangy guy in Cullen, a tall, physical guy in Gallegos, he gets a little more of a crafty guy in Coceres. He’s a little bit on the smaller side. Coceres is only about 5’11”, 5’11 1/2″, so that is going to be a little bit of an adjustment for Pacheco after facing guys who were right around his eyeliner in his last two fights.

“I agree with you. I think Cocres is going to be very difficult to track down in this fight. He’s going to throw punches from angles, he’s going to move a lot and is going to have a do-or-die attitude because, for Coceres, this really is do-or-die for him.

“He started out his career at 28-0-1. He’s 4-5 in his last nine fights. He knows that at 32 years old, he knows this is his last chance to put himself at that world championship level. So, I think we’re going to get the best from Coceres, who got a comeback win in May as he prepared for this fight.

“He’s going to be relatively sharp going into it. I just love the potential challenge out there for Pacheco. I think he eventually gets to him because Pacheco’s power is legit, and I think he’s going to wear Coceres down in those middle rounds and get a stoppage. But I think that this is exactly what Pacheco, who is still just 22, needs at this point in his career,” said Mannix.

Prediction for Pacheco vs. Coceres

Pacheco will knockout Coceres by the eighth round.

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