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The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat… Texas Tech beats Oklahoma on Kevin Bazzell’s final swing of the bat.

Eric Sorenson – May 26, 2023

ARLINGTON, Tx. — Day two in the books here at Globe Life Field and once again this one was a grinder to say the least. Once again we had a four-game day here with first pitch coming at 9:03am and the last pitch of the day coming at 11:42pm.

Standings-wise, here is how things look at the Big 12 Tournament:

— TCU, 2-0
— Texas Tech, 2-0
— Oklahoma State, 1-1
— Kansas, 1-1
— Kansas State, 1-1
— Oklahoma, 1-1
— Texas, 0-2
— West Virginia, 0-2

Five things that jumped out to me about the day at the[…]

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