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Avram Glazer was confronted by a Sky news reporter earlier in the week regarding the potential sale of Manchester United.

He was asked why he felt that now was the right time to sell the club, to which Glazer replied:

“As we announced yesterday, the board would do a process and it’s decided that they’re going to look at different strategic alternatives and that’s what we’re doing, so…”

The reporter made the point that many Man United fans felt that the club should have been sold years ago.

“Well once again, we’ve gone through a process and we’re going to look at all different strategic alternatives and we’ll see where that leads us.”

After that non-answer, Glazer excused himself, clearly feeling he had satisfactorily responded.

The entire exchange was somewhat indicative of the Glazer ownership on the whole.

An owner hiding behind an intentionally obtuse statement and parroting lines seems somewhat familiar when considering how the club have handled communications over the last 17 years.

Attempting to get something concrete from the co-owner of United, the reporter asked about Cristiano Ronaldo’s accusations that the Tampa Bay family did not care about the club.

“Let me tell you about Cristiano Ronaldo,” he said.

“He’s a great Manchester United player. I appreciate everything he’s done for the club, and I wish him the best luck for the future.”

The Glazers have been immensely unpopular throughout their stewardship of the club and their evasive nature has been a big factor in that strained relationship.

It is exceedingly rare for reporters to catch a glimpse of United’s ownership, even inspiring The Athletic journalist Laurie Whitwell to embark on a “Looking for Joel Glazer” quest back in September.

With the Red Devils finally close to seeing the end of their tenure, fans can only hope that the process does not rumble on for too long.

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