Aaron Rodgers Announces Intentions to Play For Jets


Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers
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Aaron Rodgers came out of the darkness and when he entered the light, he saw the New York Jets.

Once the trade eventually gets done, the Jets will land the greatest quarterback in the history of the franchise. And once it happens, the Jets and Super Bowl can be uttered in the same sentence for the first time in a long time. Rodgers has the ability to make the Jets a champion again…and Jets fans have a reason to celebrate.

To react to Rodgers saying he intends to play for the Jets on “The Pat McAfee Show,” we bring you an emergency episode of the “Gang’s All Here” podcast with Brian Costello and me.

Gang’s All Here Podcast with Jake Brown & Brian Costello:

  • JETS JUBILATION: This is a franchise-changing move once it happens. It’s pretty surreal to hear Rodgers say he intends to play for the Jets. It’s going to be a staring contest. Neither team has leverage here.
  • TRADE: What would it take to get him? It will probably be a few draft picks and potentially a player. It won’t be a major player, but maybe someone like Denzel Mims. This could take a while to get done.
  • HISTORY OF JETS QBS: Rodgers’ worst year last season is still statistically one of the best seasons for any Jets QB ever. He is coming off back-to-back NFL MVPs the two years prior. He still has something left in the the tank and now a chip on his shoulder.
  • ALL IN: Jets are all-in to win now. They have a potential two-year window with Rodgers to win a championship. Jets are now in the top five in the AFC and can arguably win the AFC East. There is much more to do, but the Jets roster on paper is dangerous. They still need to get help on the offensive line.



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